Personalized weather alerts in the palm of your hand

The scenario

The sky darkens, light rain begins to fall as the wind picks up, and then a tornado siren starts its familiar wail. Is this the real thing? Is the storm headed in your direction? Or is it just another false alarm?

You flip on the local news and your trusted meteorologist is going "wall-to-wall" - but talking about a storm in another part of the area. Or perhaps you are out at the park, or enjoying a ballgame, and don't have access TV or radio. How will you know if you really SHOULD take cover?

Enter StormWatch+ weather alerting from Cirrus Weather Solutions.

What is StormWatch+ Alerts?

StormWatch+ Alerts is a unique, personalized service that puts the meteorologist in the palm of your hand by sending alerts to your smartphone or tablet whenever severe weather threatens your specific location. Combining storm-based warnings issued by the National Weather Service (referred to as polygons) and a user's precise location, alerts are sent only if their registered location is directly threatened.

StormWatch+ Alerts keeps you from becoming siren-weary and over-warned by only alerting you if you are in the path of the storm. If sirens or your NOAA Weather Radio sound the alarm, but you do NOT receive a StormWatch+ alert, you are NOT in the NWS-warned area. Though you should continue to pay close attention to a local weather source, the warning issued by the National Weather Service does not directly impact your location. This is what we call peace of mind – and you can have it for less than the cost of a meal at your favorite fast casual restaurant!